Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is one of the most successful American singers and writers who need no explanation. During his lifetime, he was a larger-than-life figure whose legendary fame continued even after his death. He was so good at country music that he was like a synonym for country music. Here are three facts about this legendary person:

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is not a real name.

When there was a meeting with Sam Phillips, producer of his first recording and Johnny Cash for the first time, they thought that Cash might be a made-up name as it sounded more like “Johnny Dollar” or “Johnny Guitar.” But the fact is that “Cash” was his gaming name which had been on track for more than a thousand years in Scotland to Fife, the ancient kingdom. “Johnny” was the name that he kept and not Cash. His father’s name was Ray, and he kept “J.R.” to avoid conflicts. He was called “J.R.” evening in his high school and diploma. He joined the air force, and he had to change his name because they won’t accept only initials. He changed “J.R.” to “John R. Cash.”

First guitar in Germany

Roy, Cash’s oldest brother, was the first member of Cash’s family to make it into the music industry, where Roy started a band called the Dixie Rhythm Ramblers. They had their first show on a radio station KCLN, and it was played all over Arkansas. His interest in music was evident, and he had the talent to become a musician. He wouldn’t have got a guitar or start a life in a music career and wrote songs until he joined the air force and flew to Germany. He bought a guitar in Öberammergau, which cost him the exact amount he had won in a talent show many years ago. However, he used to play songs and write them; he was half-hearted to work as a “real job”, and then he returned to the service in 1954 to support his new family.


Cash, a novelist

He was talented in many fields, where he was into songwriting and a plain and straightforward writer. He wrote poems and sketches as a kid and started writing stories when he was a teenager. He was very fond of writing where he continued even after he joined the Air Force. He has written many books, including two Autobiographies, “Cash: The Autobiography” in 1997 and “Man in Black” in 1975. “Man in White” was a novel written by Cash with moderate success and received many positive reviews, mainly from religious periodicals. It was a professional source for Cash, who had considered it an achievement that he can be most proud of.

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